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Book2net Kiosk II

Since its successful launch, the book2net kiosk had a significant impact on the international market and set new stand-ards regarding the expectations on a modern book scanner.

Fast, easy & exceptionally precise!

Meanwhile, the book2net Kiosk has gained a significant market share. Users appreciate the book2net durability and high reliability. In particular, the innovative matrix-sensor technology has convinced many users due to the exceptional picture quality and extremely high productivity. book2net Kiosk demonstrates its high efficiency not only in the reading room, but also in digitization projects.

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Book2net Kiosk II

Since its successful launch, the book2net kiosk had a significant impact on the international market and set new stand-ards regarding the expectations on a modern book scanner.

Fast, easy & exceptionally precise!

Meanwhile, the book2net Kiosk has gained a significant market share. Users appreciate the book2net durability and high reliability. In particular, the innovative matrix-sensor technology has convinced many users due to the exceptional picture quality and extremely high productivity. book2net Kiosk demonstrates its high efficiency not only in the reading room, but also in digitization projects.


  • Rodenstock APO Rodagon
  • 12 cm depth of focus
  • Brilliant color accuracy
  • Perfect linearity
  • Distortion-free
  • Guaranteed long-term durability

3D-Analyser II (optional)

  • Geometric 3D book-analysis via area sensor
  • Finger-removal
  • Edge detection
  • Page recognition
  • Type area recognition
  • Bookfold-correction (BFO)
  • Preservation Approved

22ʺ touch screen

  • Ergonomic touch screen
  • Optimized user friendliness
  • Industry standard
  • Zoom and Proof monitor

Integrated PC

  • Fast and quiet
  • MS embedded operating system 64-bit
  • SSD technology (60% faster)
  • Enhanced Write Filter-Technology
  • Maximum security and virus protection

High Performance Sensor

  • High Resolution Matrix sensor
  • Selectable options:
    • 300 dpi
    • 400 dpi
    • 600 dpi
  • 0.3 sec. scan speed (dual page Color / 300 dpi)
  • 2.2 sec. processing time (scanning – Imaging – saving!)
  • USB 3.0 interface
  • Reduced signal noise for faster and advanced OCR recognition


  • Cold light LED
  • Fresnel-lenses providing a homogeneous illumination
  • Eco function
  • Low energy consumption
  • Adaptable to ambient light
  • Constant wave length
  • Exposure time 0.6 sec.

Book cradle

  • Self-adjusting
  • Height compensation up to 15 cm
  • 10 cm protective book spine gap
  • Motorized locking mechanism
  • Preservation approved

Matrix-Sensor Technology

The new quality level of scan technology!
The especially designed camera head of the book2net kiosk is equipped with a new high resolution matrix-sensor in combination with high-end optics and ensures an unrivaled quality. The use of our trendsetting matrix sensor technology brings you additional benefits in terms of image quality and productivity.

  • Rotary shutter
  • Rodenstock Rodagon Lens
  • Wear-free
  • Highly durable
  • Enhanced image quality
  • Highest resolution
  • Highest processing speed
  • Reduced processing time
  • USB 3.0 interface for optimal transmission rate
  • SSD-HD storage

Peak Performance with Matrix Area Sensor

  • Perfect color reproduction
  • High resolution
  • Best contrast (signal-to-noise relation)
    • reduced file size
    • faster post-processing
    • better and faster OCR recognition
  • High depth of focus (12 cm or 4.72″)
  • The high depth of focus ensures that all information is captured evenly and with no quality loss, even in the book fold.
  • Minimal light requirement

Quality at all Levels
…with BFO and 12 cm depth of focus

Thanks to the high focus depth of 12 cm and the integrated optical book fold optimization (BFO) the book2net kiosk II ensures a constant image sharpness across entire layout section. Thus even with uneven and/ or wavy documents an excellent scan result will be achieved.

This applies in particular to the difficult book fold and edge areas. Due to the exceptional area-sensor technology no later manipulation or mathe-matical correction of the image data is required. The image data are therefore genuine as raw data for the digital archiving and further processing. Furthermore the scanning result guarantees ideal preconditions for a precise OCR thanks to its sharp outlines.

Green Technology: Less is more!
…and better for your books.

Measures for energy reduction and climate protection are not only protecting the environment but also the development of an innovative and future-oriented technology. With the lowest consumption data the book2net scanners are making a significant contribution to a positive energy balance. They are emission-free, low noise and highly durable.

Economic and ecological responsibility is a clearly defined development specification which has been implemented in the new generation of the book2net kiosk II. With the reduction in illumination times to 0.6 seconds, and the adaption of the light intensity to the environmental conditions we make a directly measurable contribution to Green Technology. The light source can optionally be set to economical « eco-function » with low light intensity or to to higher light intensity in order to overcome the ambient light. This is achieved due to the minimal light requirement of the matrix-sensor and the use of especially calculated Fresnel lenses for an even, glare-free illumination of the layout section. As a result the book2net scanners are achieving an optimum image quality with reduced light intensity. The energy saving is up to 60%. As a matter of course the used White LEDs (cold light) are UV-/ IR-free.

Innovative, glare-free LED illumination book2net kiosk II is equipped with a LED illumination system that provides a stable color temperature during operation. Thanks to the used Fresnel lenses an even illumination across the whole scan area is ensured.

  • 0.6 sec. Illumination time
  • Eco function with only 2000 Lux
  • Adaption to environment light up to 6000 Lux

The LED light source is without glare and UV-/IR-free, so that there is no radiation for the operator according to EN60825-1.

A high light intensity even over a short period of time can start biochemical processes especially with old manuscripts with the consequence that paper, ink or paint changes their characteristics. As common book scanners working with line sensor technology are forced to capture with a minimum amount of light of 14000 K the risk of damaging valuable books during digitization is high.

The book2net kiosk II allows you to reduce the intensity of the light resp. the color temperature down to 2000 K.

Ergonomics in Focus

During the development of the book2net kiosk special attention was given to the ergonomics:
Thanks to the larger display the new 22” monitor is capable for QA and increases the operator convenience. In addition the thumbnail overview with drag-and-drop functionality enables a comfortable and quick insertion, deletion or moving of scanned pages. The innovative Embedded Controller with SSD storage technology and 64 Bit-System allows an up to 60% faster data-processing and reduces residence times at the scanner significantly. A USB-capacity display is part of our concept as well as electronic shutter button.

High-level operating comfort:

  • 22” Touch-Screen
  • Larger control buttons
  • Comfortable thumbnail overview
  • drag-and-drop functionality
  • Electronic trigger keys (smooth-touch)
  • SSD storage technology
  • Faster data processing
  • Reduced residence times
  • USB residual capacity display

Conservation Book Cradle

Fragile historical books, modern books, magazines, documents, files or ring binders – the new self-adjusting, conservation book cradle A2+ is adapting to a wide range of different templates. It guarantees a particularly gentle treatment of the originals and allows a quiet, motionless scanning process. The adjustable spine-exemption allows The adjustable spine exemption allows a particularly gentle handling of very sensitive or thick books. The layout section is optionally provided with a special scratch-resistant film or a non-reflecting, smooth coating. The scanning process is triggered via new, exceptionally sensitive touch-pads (Smooth-Touch).


In effects of true color reproduction the book2net kiosk II meets the highest requirements and is far ahead from conventional line sensor technology.

In the following the scanners performance is presented by an actual-theoretical comparison. Com-pared are the measured results of a scan of an X-Rite ColorChecker® 24 Patch Classic target against the provided manufacturer reference data. All results are measured in the sRGB (IEC 61966-2-1) color working space for illuminate D65.1)

Measurable Quality

Resolution, grey scale & color matching

To provide our clients with constant, measurable quality, we work with ISO standard test charts for the calibration of resolution, grayscale and color.

Easy Scan: It couldn’t be easier!

Intuitive, fast, user-friendly!

With a scanning speed of only 0.3 sec. and a cycle time of 2.2 sec. (scanning – imaging –storage!) the book2net kiosk II is setting new standards in speed and user-friendliness Thanks to the intuitive multilin-gual user interface the book2net kiosk II is extremely easy to use:

Easy Scan: The intuitive one-touch2scan user inter-face enables even the unskilled operator to create excellent scans. The menu offers the possibility to switch between six languages of your choice at any stage of operation.
After scanning, the operator decides with only one fingertip on the touch screen if he wants to save the file on a USB stick or sent to a connected printer.

The zoom control function allows the check of the scanning quality any time.

Easy Scan Plus: Expert Mode allows software expansion for professional purposes.
Choice of color (COL, GS, BW), choice of format (TIFF, PDF, JPEG), Thumbnail view (Paste, View, Delete), Page splitting left/right, Middle section recognition, Fullsize-Scan, Zoom function, Partial printing, Book curve correction, Finger-removal available as expanded functions. By activating/deactivating single functions, an individually adaptable user interface may be created.

Easy switching between operator levels, Easy Scan (Basic mode) for inexperienced, Easy Scan Plus (Ex-pert mode) for experienced operators, is possible at any time at one click. Thereby, book2net kiosk II allows the implementation of simple as well as professional scan operations.

Easy Scan Plus II: Advanced Image Processing
Improved & faster functionality!

The state-of-the-art software structure includes not only two graphical scanning interfaces for untrained and trained users but also new features for professional use. The intuitive and user-friendly parameter settings are visible at a glance, without sub-menus. Finger removal, page layout and page recognition, automatic cutting and straightening and book-fold optimization are covering the basic requirements for a modern image editing software. The new, expanded book2net operating software Easy Scan Plus II performs these functions in the range of milliseconds. The Easy Scan Plus II software offers innovative solutions for modern communications. Easy Scan OCR, Easy Scan ePub und Easy Scan Audio are available in more than 120 languages and convincing with impressive accuracy and speed. The OCR software is generates searchable and editable documents particularly impressive and quickly by a simple keystroke either in single-page or job mode.

Easy Scan: Save & secure!

… thanks to multiple safety concept

All book2net kiosk scanners are equipped from the factory with a Windows Embedded operating system. As a modularized and especially configured Windows operating system it combines performance with an in-creased safety and reliability and ensures long-term availability & support.

The Windows Embedded installation uses unique features which are only available for the Windows Embedded product family. The main features include the Enhanced Write Filter (EWF), which ensures a virus and write protection during the scanning process. It prevents any access to the system disk, since all write re-quests are routed directly to the temporary working memory. All applications and accesses of the user are made exclusively in the overlay.

This technology protects the system from corruption by viruses as well as against unexpected power outages because the original contents of the disk remains untouched and the system can be reset at any time to the original default again by rebooting.
In addition to the above the Copyright & Watermark functionality of the Easy Scan user-interface ensures the compliance with the copyright law.

All-In-One Concept:

  • No external hardware (no PC, mouse and keyboard necessary)
  • Integrated PC
  • Integrated Monitor
  • Safe from vandalism


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